Activation Callsign : 14DK/NY22

The Activation will be on 27.490 MHz

Activation by 14DK001 Thierry

QTH : France

Date : Dec 30, 2021 untill Jan 03, 2022

eQSL Card by 14dk001@gmail.com

#Logging is without Progressive Number

Download your eQSL Card by clicking the download button bellow.

1. 14OMEGA001 ThierryDownload
2. 76E086 J-PierreDownload
3. 14SD177 J-Pierre Download
4. 14FDX063 David Download
5. 14DF042 Fabien Download
6. 14TS063 Lucas Download
7. 14AT261 Lionel Download
8. 22RC102 Said Download
9. 1AT135 Andy Download
10. 14AT128 Armand Download
11. 14SD213 Mario Download
12. 14TW070 Franck Download
13. 14PAT678 Yohann Download
14. 14AR3013 Michel Download
15. 14AT171 Daniel Download
16. 14GF068 Gerard Download
17. 14DK251 J-Louis Download
18. 14TDC160 Pascal Download
19. 14DB001 Sylvain Download
20. 14ED058 Didier Download
21. 14Radio-Libre02 Maxime Download
22. 14KM6010 Jim Download
23. 14VL4520 Alain Download
24. 14A33 Eric Download
25. 14KM3410 Nicolas Download
26. 14CRS062 J-Jacques Download
27. 34SLB058 Joseph Download
28. 14GIM035 Sylvain Download
29. 9SD200 Pawel Download
30. 2AT715 Paul Download
31. 2RC279 Brian Download
32. 9OD020 John Download
33. 2RR709 John Download
34. 3RC158 Josoel Download
35. 3SKD042 Luis Download
36. 14AT246 Jacques Download
37. 14PAT630 Sebastien Download
38. 14SD014 J-Claude Download
39. 76/14E086 J-Pierre Download
40. 136EM001 Luc Download
41. 14NV159 Christian Download
42. 14AT224 David Download
43. 136WI005 Steph Download
44. 2AT105 Dave Download
45. 2WR074 Michel Download
46. 122SD105 Andy Download
47. 91AT011 Frankie Download
48. 34CI010 Sergio Download
49. 14AT824 Philippe Download
50. 119AT116 Humberto Download
51. 14TW207 J-Pierre Download
52. 14RC121 SylvainDownload
53. 14WI012 PatDownload
54. 1DK040 GianLucaDownload
55. 30CI101 MiguelDownload

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Activation Callsign : 14DK/MC21
The Activation will be on 27.455Mhz
Activation by 14DK001 Thierry
QTH : France
Date : Dec 20 untill 28, 2021
eQSL Card by 14dk001@gmail.com

#Logging is without Progressive Number

Call + OpDateZ TimeQRG 27.RST9
3PAT351 Fernando20/12/202111 30455/u57
122SD105 Andy20/12/202111 45455/u52
122AT109 Hal20/12/202111 55460/u57
3AT101/F Fernando20/12/202114 00600/u57
2OP095 John20/12/202114 40495/u59+20
136RC/I Stéphane20/12/202115 25620/u59+20
69BY571 Gorge20/12/202115 30520/u55
56LR/MC21-B21/12/202109 55480/u59+20
22RC102 Saïd21/12/202111 20570/u59
14AT246 Jacques21/12/202111 30570/u57
14SD177 J-Pierre21/12/202111 35500/u55
34CI010 Sergio21/12/202112 00510/u59
34RTS01421/12/202112 20520/u59
14RC/J2/SC Stéphane21/12/202112 25535/u55
196LL197 Larry21/12/202112 45530/u57
14FAT604 Gilles21/12/202112 50520/u57
2NA9883 Charlie21/12/202113 15520/u59+20
2W369 Brian21/12/202114 00605/u59
2YB147 John21/12/202114 20490/u59+20
2GT107 Jim21/12/202114 22490/u59+20
2#666 Bob21/12/202114 23490/u59+20
9TC370 Etienne21/12/202114 25490/u59+20
9BD444 Bill21/12/202114 30490/u59+20
9RC424 John21/12/202114 32490/u59+20
2AE233121/12/202114 45490/u59
14AT206/p21/12/202115 00645/u54
4LR106 Luis21/12/202115 10490/u42
1AT1606 Sergio21/12/202115 15490/u55
3EK052 Jurgen21/12/202115 25490/u55
14DA037/SC Viviane21/12/202115 30590/u57
34AT/SC/B #178 Berto21/12/202115 45620/u59
3SD200 Nilo21/12/202115 55490/u57
73KPI002 Ramon21/12/202116 00490/u55
3EK001 Marco21/12/202116 05490/u55
18SD126 Eugene23/12/202109 20490/u58
173RL05 Raymond23/12/202110 15520/u57
30RC273 Francisco23/12/202111 40490/u59
14TW011 Bruno23/12/202111 50490/u57
8EK102 Raphael23/12/202114 35490/u59
9WR932 Yann23/12/202114 40490/u57
43A33 Jim26/12/202107 35510/u57
50KA001 Andrew26/12/202107 45545/u59+20
172AT/sc Christian26/12/202108 10620/u57
172SD031 Patrice26/12/202108 30640/u57
315LR123 Nick26/12/202108 40305/u59
315LR001 Alex26/12/202108 45305/u59

QSL? You’re in The Log?

Appreciation to active DKDX Members

Hello DELTA KILO Int. DX Group Members

To appreciate DX’er colleagues who have been actively using the DX callsign from DKDX, starting from October 2021 we will provide a Certificate of Appreciation for the DKDX Callsign Usage Statistics score which we will calculate based on the Logsheet on the Cluster.

The criteria for the award are:

  1. Actively Use DKDX Callsign
  2. Adding Spots to Clusters using either ClusterDX.nl or 11dx.net
  3. Each Spot will be given a score as follows:
    a. QSO with stations outside the Division, fellow DKDX members are given a score of 10
    b. QSO with stations outside the Division non-DKDX Member Division will be given a score of 7
    c. QSO with stations in the same division as fellow DKDX members are given a score of 5
    d. QSO with stations in the same division non-DKDX Members are given a score of 3

This is the regulation for the assessment of the QSO Statistical Award Score for DKDX Members and annually accumulatively a plaque will be given as a token of appreciation from the President of Delta Kilo International DX Group.

Passion for DXing
Good Luck
President of DKDX

91DK191/RI76 – Indonesia Independence Day

In order to celebrate the 76th independence day of the Republic of Indonesia.
Callsign : 91DK191/RI76
Operator : Bruno
Date : 10 – 17 August 2021
Frequency : 27.415 Mhz to 27.495 Mhz

QSL Via : 91DK001
Jalan Tunjung No.2 Kapal, Mengwi, Badung – Bali, Indonesia 80351

Contribution : Standard
Please Addressed The Envelope
e-QSL via qslmanager@dkdx.org

91DK/HQ/RI76 – Indonesia Independence Day

In order to celebrate the 76th independence day of the Republic of Indonesia.
Headquarter Delta Kilo organized Activation to celebrate.

Callsign : 91DK/HQ/RI76
Operator : RIO
Date : 10 – 17 August 2021
Frequency : 27.415 Mhz to 27.495 Mhz

QSL Via : 91DK001
Jalan Tunjung No.2 Kapal, Mengwi, Badung – Bali, Indonesia 80351

Contribution : Standard
Please Addressed The Envelope
e-QSL via qslmanager@dkdx.org

eQSL – 91DK/OC022

Hello everyone!

Thank you for waiting, here is the eQSL Card for activation 91DK/OC022.
Glad to be able to QSO with all of you 59 Stations that have been logged into my log sheet.

Thank you

1. 43WA45711/07/2021 Download
2. 43RC50211/07/2021Download
3. 91DA00711/07/2021 Download
4. 58RC001/M11/07/2021 Download
5. 58RC02611/07/2021 Download
6. 34RC21311/07/2021 Download
7. 113SD13311/07/2021 Download
8. 58RC02311/07/2021 Download
9. 14RC27811/07/2021 Download
10. 30RC01311/02/2021 Download
11. 14DA04411/07/2021 Download
12. 13EK11111/07/2021 Download
13. 1SD22411/07/2021 Download
14. 58RC02313/07/2021 Download
15. 14RC01113/07/2021 Download
16. 14GR01913/07/2021Download
17. 35WR03513/07/2021Download
18. 43RC55515/07/2021 Download
19. 14KPI010 15/07/2021 Download
20. 113DK113 15/07/2021 Download
21. 91DK585 15/07/2021 Download
22. 50KA00119/07/2021 Download
23. 21AT211 19/07/2021 Download
24. 14SD120 19/07/2021 Download
25. 14AT105 19/07/2021 Download
26. 14RC01120/07/2021 Download
27. 14SD12020/07/2021 Download
28. 14RC02124/07/2021 Download
29. 113DK73724/07/2021 Download
30. 35WR03527/07/2021 Download
31. 35SSB079 27/07/2021 Download
32. 14DX019 27/07/2021 Download
33. 1SA800 27/07/2021 Download
34. 14RC278 27/07/2021 Download
35. 14FDX2463 27/07/2021 Download
36. 14KPI010 27/07/2021 Download
37. 14SD120 27/07/2021 Download
38. 14RC01128/07/2021 Download
39. 1AT485 28/07/2021 Download
40. 30/14KW605 28/07/2021 Download
41. 1SA156 28/07/2021 Download
42. 35WR035 28/07/2021 Download
43. 1AT304 28/07/2021 Download
44. 14KPI010 28/07/2021 Download
45. 1AT802 28/07/2021 Download
46. 14AT276 28/07/2021 Download
47. 13OT001 28/07/2021 Download
48. 14SD120 28/07/2021 Download
49. 47PL122 28/07/2021 Download
50. 1RC122 28/07/2021 Download
51. 14EE22 28/07/2021 Download
52. 29FB040 28/07/2021 Download
53. 34SA056 28/07/2021 Download
54. 50KA001 28/07/2021 Download
55. 14RC026 27/07/2021 Download
56. 13AT175 27/07/2021 Download
58. 153E291 28/07/2021 Download
59. 1DK224 28/07/2021 Download

If there is a typo or link error, please contact us via email at : qslmanager@dkdx.org

Thank you

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